Acrylic One of the sign industry’s most popular and versatile materials. Thickness: from 1/16” to 1½”. Available in clear, transparent, translucent and opaque colors. Specialty products include: non-glare and matte finish, fluorescent colors and black/white (looks black during the day, then at night, with back lighting, it looks white)   One of acrylic’s advantages over PVC is the solid edges. For this reason, acrylic is an excellent choice when the graphics will have rounded over or beveled edges.   Acrylic is an obvious choice for internally lit cabinet signs. For that “extra touch,” use thick acrylic push-thru letters.  Stud Mounting We use the computer to drill the blind stud holes in your letters, then we use the same computer to draw your installation pattern. The result is an extremely accurate pattern that you can place confidence in. Your installation will be a snap. Advantages 1) Available in many colors and thicknesses  2) Finishes well. Can be sanded and smoothed. Edges can be frosted or polished. It is solid, non-porous and easily painted  Disadvantages 1) Can be brittle in wrong applications.  2) Unpainted acrylic has that "plastic" look. Contact Us Contact Us