Expanded and Solid PVC When it comes to Expanded and Solid PVC, Letra-Tek is the expert! This material comes in several colors and thickness. PVC is also available in solid sheets. This material is somewhat similar to acrylic, in that it does not have porous edges. It is paintable and not quite brittle as acrylic. It is also quite heavy!  Surface Finish We use Chemetal brand anodized sheets, which last much longer than other brands in exterior applications. That's right! You can use metal-faced Expanded PVC letters on EXTERIOR signs! To bond the metal to the PVC, an exterior grade, high- temperature-resistant adhesive is used, giving years of service.  One of our most popular products is 1/4" or 1/2" black expanded PVC with a decorative anodized aluminum face, (usually brushed gold or aluminum). This gives you a beautiful combination of a brushed “brass" or "stainless steel" letter with a black return (edges).  The black return enhances the 3-D effect of the letter. It also provides needed contrast, making them more "readable". We can send you the plain, unpainted PVC letters & graphics -or- We can paint the pieces for you with automotive lacquer or enamel -or- We can send you the metal-faced letters & graphics described above.  Stud Mounting We use the computer to drill the blind stud holes in your letters, then we use the same computer to draw your installation pattern. The result is an extremely accurate pattern that you can place confidence in. Your installation will be a snap. Advantages 1) Inexpensive  2) Lightweight  Disadvantages 1) Larger pieces will warp  2) Edges are porous: This is not always a big problem, but it can be an issue. Contact Us Contact Us